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How To Livestock Magpie To Be Successful

During this pandemic, we are encouraged to stay at home more. Instead of staying at home, we better learn to raise MURAI BATU birds, not only can we channel our hobbies but we can also increase our income. Here I will help for MURAI bird hobbyists STONE to be successful in raising MURAI BATU birds.

when you have decided to raise MURAI BATU birds you must first know the origin of the MURAI BATU. MURAI BATU or the scientific term Copsycus malabaricus is one of the most sought after chirping birds by chirping bird lovers in Indonesia. the sound of other birds, the MURAI BATU birds are often contested which makes the selling value higher. The way to raise the MURAI BATU birds is also said to be easy – easy and difficult. raising MURAI STONE birds;

MURAI BATU cages can vary depending on the breeder but the ideal cage for raising MURAI BATU birds is 1 and a half meters long, 1 meter wide and 2 meters high.
Maybe for beginners, they don’t know what glodok is, I’ll tell you that glodok has a nest for laying MURAI BATU eggs, which is useful for birds laying eggs.
Dried grass or leaves or other materials are useful so that the MURAI BATU’s eggs are kept warm and moist during the incubation period.
Tangkringan is useful for perching birds

The food for the MURAI BATU bird during the matchmaking period until marriage and the egg-laying process is crickets, Hong Kong caterpillars, it can also be poor especially for birds.
The first thing that must be considered is the first matchmaking period, enter the female MURAI BATU in the cattle pen, while the male in the cage is smaller and then enter it in the cattle cage, when the MURAI BATU bird is already matched, the female will flee and approach, while the male will seduce female … if they are already matched, stay together in the cattle pen. Usually 2 or 3 days the bird will do the marriage, within a few days the MURAI BATU will lay eggs, the MURAI BATU will lay 2 or 3 eggs sometimes if you are lucky it can be up to 4 eggs during one time marriage.

In one year 3 or 4 times laying eggs depending on how to take care of the birds and how to beat the chicks the bird’s production can increase somewhat. We can feed MURAI BATU chicks that are one week old, we can feed special biscuits for MURAI BATU chicks, which can be purchased at bird shops near your house. When the MURAI BATU chicks are one month old, they can be sold for 2 million more for male chicks, while the female sex ranges from one million, the price is the MURAI BATU chicks whose parents come from bahorok, and are of high quality.
That’s how to raise MURAI BATU birds from me

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